Sunday: Updates #12

Hello there!

 It's already mid-April! Is it warmer where you are yet? Here in Hokkaido, it is still a little chilly even when it seems like it is trying to warm up. Sigh. I just wanna wear my new skirts and blouses now! Man, wouldn't that be nice...

Anywho, Dani and I have been pushing forward into the spring with posts and uploads. (By the way, did you see our Instagram yet? It's still in the baby stages, but it's getting there!) We've also been creating new Polyvore looks for spring as well as some wants for the new season, so please don't forget to peek at that as well. Here's what else is comin' up:
  1. More Friends of D&L.
  2. Japanese cosmetic reviews.
  3. Fashion Inspirations (FI's).
  4. A fun surprise from D&L.
  5. Polyvore Spring Coordinates.
Hope you're ready for the upcoming stuff as well as this upcoming week. Take care, continue to stay warm (if necessary), and don't catch a cold in the last stretch of winter.