Danielle LeShea: Face Mapping

Photo credits: Asian Beauty Secrets (youtube)
Pimples, we all get them especially in our teens and occasionally during our adult life. So always getting those pesky pimples between your eye brows? On your cheeks?

Enter in Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and the top of the art dermatologist advice + some serious researching on my part, here's the details on why those pesky break outs  keep happening.

I've seen something like this several times on different websites, so I mean it's gotta be important if it's seen several times.


This time I found I found it on a blog/site/magazine called the Chalkboard, a blog dedicated to a whole healthy lifestyle.

Your face is a map of your internal health, pimples in certain places can mean a variety of things so let's check it out:
Photo Credits: Asian Beauty Secrets (youtube)


Pimples growing here are linked to the digestive system and it could mean that you are having a hard time digesting things. (Food intolerances, fast foods, etc.)

Other possible reasons could possibly be linked to the liver having too many toxins and is not able to detox (too many drinks maybe??) Too much stress or irregular sleep patterns can also lead to pimples popping up.

How to combat it? Get a good nights rest, eat more whole foods that aid in digesting, and go less on the drinks!

(Since being in Japan my forehead was the battle ground of a few break outs. I have some food intolerances and sometimes the food here is just too good to pass up! Ahem...after reading this I changed up my diet, a little bit, and haven't seen one since.)

Between the brows:

Between our brows shows the health of our liver. Straight up, too much greasy,fatty heads, and alcohol is the main culprit for pimples.

How to combat it? Lay off the greasy, fatty foods, and alcohol (Party too much?)


Allergies + too many pollutants& toxins paired with your cute cell phone screen.

How to combat it? If you are allergic to something it'll show very quickly, if it's not life threatening clean & sterilize the area. If it gets worse go see a doctor.

Unfortunately for many of us we live in a city where there's all types of different "things" in the air and it sinks into our skin, time for a detox! Green Tea is the way to go, grab some green tea and drink it through out the day and at least for a few days to flush out the toxins.

As for your phone? Clean it weekly, or daily.


The prime spot for pimples!! For women our hormones are the main reason for pimples, it sucks but it's true. Also if you have a habit of resting your chin on your hands you are spreading the bacteria, oil, and nasties on to your chin.

How to combat it?  It's obvious that hormones are hard to control, if you catch the pimple right in the morning, put some toothpaste on it before you leave the house (Don't forget to wash it off!!) or if you catch it at night rubbing alcohol and toothpaste are good ways to dry out a pimple really quick!

And...keep your hands off your face.

Is linked to heart health, too much stress? High blood pressure? These are some causes that will help pimples pop up.

How to combat it? Relax! Take some "me" or "you" time to reduce your stress!


This shows up the health of our kidneys, if you're not drinking enough water, and drinking too much caffeine or ingesting too much salt, pimples will pop up here.

How to combat it?  Drink more water, lay off the caffeine & salt.

What are your thoughts on face mapping? 

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