Danielle: Organized + Motivated

Image credits: The Private Life of a Girl

As of late I've been really motivated to get things done or at least started. Before traveling to Japan I  tried my best  got organized. Here is my way of thinking to getting myself organized and motivated. (This will be text heavy...)
Starting off, I broke down my organization list into three parts. Part One: My Surroundings and My Life, Part Two: Staying Focused on Goals, and Part Three: Proceeding to the Future Without Looking Back.

Level one: My surroundings and My Life:
At the time of making this list, my clothes, my apartment, and my well being were on my mind. It still is, even while in Japan.

I'll begin with my journey to downsize my closet and buy things good quality items. I started tossing out clothes I haven't worn for a one year or more, clothes that no longer fit my style, and clothes that I kept because of memories. While downsizing,  I donated all of those clothes to goodwill and gave myself more space for more interchangeable clothes. More importantly, I made room for clothes that will last longer than a season.

Next was my office space, I have so many papers it's ridiculous. Once again I began tossing out old papers, tests, notes, notebooks and magazines. As much as it pains me, I know that this is needed to get myself organized and more space to do what I need to do.

My end goal with this level is to have more space and freedom. Having less things means less to stress about, less stress on your mind and body. Thus promoting more relaxation. 

Almost Zen like.

 It sounds simple but realistically, it'll take time.

Level Two: Staying focused on Goals:
LeShea and I have already mentioned our goals for Danielle LeShea, but in addition to this we also have our own personal goals. Personal goals that I have been working towards since 2009. What I've done to make sure I reach these goals and to stay on track...

I write them down in my planner. Straight up.

I write them down, them as in my goals, every week to remind myself that I am trying to improve myself, achieve the goals I have in my mind and written down. I look at my planner multiple times a day, it obviously has my schedule in it so I'm basically required to look at it.  Also when I look in/at my planner my goals are right next to my schedule so I can't miss it.

I have inspiring and motivational quotes in my planner, by my desk and by my bed.

It sounds obsessive, but it is a good reminder to keep going, and it gives you positive words to look forward to. Pintrest and tumblr is a good place to find quotes to print off or to make a background on your tablet,PC/Macbook,phone, etc.

I'm on Linkedin all the time. For real.

Since joining Linkedin back in 2009?? I've been following people that are in my field of work that I wish to do. I read highlighted articles in industries that I'm interested in and comment on them. I swear having Linkedin is one of the best things out there. It's a really good place to start networking and to get yourself out into the field if you're a recent graduate like myself.

I read empowering articles and surround myself with people that are working towards improvement.

To add to my stride I'm always on sites that have constructive advice and empowering messages along with articles. Having place a place that has people that are empowered and working towards their goals gives me a boost of energy to keep working towards my goals. Also sites like Linkedin, the everygirl, the Levo league are good places to start networking!

My end goal is to continue to remind myself about improving, and working towards the future that I want to have.

Level Three: To the Future and not looking back:

There are things I want done/achieved and that I know that will propel me to the future I want or something close to it. This requires loads of research, planning, and letting go of the past.

In all honestly I am a go with the flow person, LeShea is quite the opposite and needs to have everything planned. Each has their flaws but in my case I know when to make a stand on something that I believe in and I also know when to back down.

Another important thing to remember, is letting go of the past. I am selectively forgetful of things. But there are things that I refuse to forget, or things that refuse to be forgotten. It's tough, but letting go will free your mind of emotional and mental baggage and open your mind for the future you're creating.

The future is a scary thing to think about especially coming out of college in a terrible economy. I don't have a set-in-stone plan when it comes to the future because nothing is ever set in stone no matter how much your plan for it. Yes I know there are some things that can be planned and happened on the expected date, but the future is never set in stone.