Lifestyle: Enjoy the Little Things

Since Spring has finally come and I am super stoked!

First off, D&L got a makeover! I mean, you did notice, right?! We've also updated a few things on our Facebook page, so be sure to peek into that as well. Dani and I have been aiming to polish the blog up as bit--something we've mentioned time and time again. And here we are, refreshed and renewed in time for Spring!

Speaking of Spring, I am just loving all the flowers that have been popping up here in my area. SuPeR glad that the snow is gone, I've actually been able to jump into a few skirts and dresses lately. How heavenly it is not to have to wear snow boots for once! I'll be happier when the warmth sticks and I'm not debating on which jacket to put on...Anyways, since the season has changed, so has my mood--almost automatically and in sync with everything. With the sun shining in the sky for longer throughout the day, things, picking up at work, and weekend plans picking up, I've been learning to enjoy the positives in life more. For quite sometime, everything appeared too gloom and doom even for my tastes and honestly, it was draining.

So what is my point here? Simply a lifestyle tip: as cliche as it sounds, really do take the time to stop and smell the roses/tulips/daisies or whatever you have and just enjoy the moment. I take pictures of everything (and I mean everything) and that helps me remember the good vibe I got from it. Whether it was a good cup of coffee I had, a delish breakfast I made, a cute item I saw in a shop, or something a student gave me at school...I really aim for remembering the little sweet things in life. Go ahead and take your time when you can, listen to your favorite songs, laugh and play like a child. Just enjoy every little thing you can. It is so important.

(Currently lovin' her new Hello Kitty mug.)