Review: Urban Decay NAKED Skin Foundation

Hello there!

Although a review for Urban Decay's Naked: Skin has been done time and time again, here is my own take on the highly celebrated product! You will eventually see  me wearing it as well, once I get my newly purchased powders, contours, highlights, and proper brushes to use this awesome product like a real pro! Until then, here's the important stuff...

After months and months of longing after this product, I finally got matched with Urban Decay's Naked: Skin late last year. My brother from another mother granted me a hefty Christmas gift so I treated myself to this little God-send.

Product: Urban Decay Naked: Skin (Remember?)
Retail Price: $40USD
Where to find it:, Ulta, Sephora, etc.

Review: First thing first, I love love loveeee the packaging. It is amazingly simple and yet so slick. Not only is the box pretty, foundation's casing is sleek, easy to hold, easy to use, and shiny. It really makes me feel like I have good quality product, inside and out! 

When I first used the product at my own leisure, it worked out pretty well and I was pleased with how smooth it looked on my skin. Around the second or third time I used it, I had a little false alarm over what I thought was an allergic reaction from the product. With a little process of elimination, I discovered that it was my own homemade mask that broke me out (be careful with those), NOT my beautiful Naked. So by the fourth time I used it, I confirmed that this was a good buy and my skin irritation was from another source (phew!).

What I love about the product is how well it blends into your skin. I use concealer and CC Cream primers and Naked: Skin works great on top of it. LOVE it! Also, it lasts all day and haven't found it to rub off as much as my other foundations. Thank goodness for that, too. The foundation comes out rather easily, almost too easily. It's a little more watery than I expected it to be since it looks like it would be a little thicker from the bottle. It's not a huge deal, just an unexpected con. 

  • Good quality.
  • Awesome packaging.
  • Easy to use and blends well.
  • Can be used easily with other bronzers and powders.
  • Prestige brand, so higher price.
  • A little watery (for my tastes).
  • Probably works best with the entire Naked line.
Recommended? Yes.

Next on my list from Urban Decay? Naked: Skin Beauty Balm , Illuminating Beauty Balm, Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder, and the Concealer one I find my correct shades. (Psst: Just got some UD brushes in the meantime, though!)