SOTW #25

Hello Wonderfuls!

Look at this--it's almost June! (And closer to Dani's birthday!) How exciting it is to be really into Spring now and this close to Summer! I still long for high waisted shorts and cute tank tops...For now, I live through the music and vibe from recent House, Trance, and Electro releases.

Still obsessed with SoundCloud, I've made tons of playlists from songs I heard via related content and Ministry of Sound. My fave right now? Above & Beyond tracks like their track We're All We Need with strong-voiced Zoe Johnston. I fell in love with their collaborations with her 4 years ago when I was in Japan the first time. Their album Group Therapy has really fond and moving memories for me, and this song from their latest release is no different. Have a listen:

Ah yes, how appropriate--two besties facing the world together despite it all. (Though the end makes you wonder what happened to them with their current situation...) Regardless, it reminds me of a certain someone here. ;) Go hug your besties, Wonderfuls! Until next time.