Sunday: Updates #13

Hello, Konnichiwa, and Konbanwa from Toyko!

Happy Sunday! Dani & LeShea are face to face for the first time in about 5 months and things have picked up like no time has passed at all. We've been takin' it easy here in Dani's Tokyo abode; oogling beauty and fashion vlogs over cups of BOSS and Tulley's coffee, gettin' inspired for our own new projects, and takin' photos and videos or our recent buys.  Now that we are together for a few days, we are getting ideas and thinking of new ways we can really improve the blog.

                                                               Here's what's up:
*  Talks of a mini blog makeover...
*  Instagram uploads! 
*  New mini-vlog series ideas.
*  Upcoming video of new purchases. 
*  Shots of us roaming the streets of Japan.
*  Double review on newly purchased liquid liner.
*  Maybe a FI or Polyvore Coordinate this week?

Stay tuned please.