Sunday: Updates #14

Honestly this week has been rough! Golden week has come and gone just like LeShea who is back in Hokkaido, Japan. It's crazy how long it's been since we've actually seen each other...nine months since we've last seen each other!!


Since we last seen each other we've been chatting it up on daily life things, and of course the blog. As mention in the previous Sunday we've been bouncing ideas off each other, planning coffee dates back in the states and a new design hopefully. We have a bunch planned (as usual) for the blog, but being in Japan puts a hamper on our plans, clothes, style,life, Dani's shoes, etc.

In the mean time...

Follow us on Instgram! There's pics of our time together in Japan~
We also did a mini teaser of things aka clothes we bought check out the video here: Mini Haul via H&M
We have a line of fashion centered posts coming up post United States return.
More mini vids coming up!