Sunday: Updates #15

Happy Sunday, Wonderfuls!

LeShea here for Sunday Updates (very excited, too, as you can tell). How are you liking the new D&L look? With this new look, Dani and I plan on really getting threaded up for this coming year. Due to our locations and circumstances, we can't dress it up as much as we'd like but make it work with what we got for now. (Oh, fashion, how we miss thee!)

Regardless, here is some of what we got goin' on!
  • Summer Polyvore post.
  • Make-up reviews.
  • BH Cosmetics: Mini Haul.
  • Talk. 
List is a little short this week, bare with us please! We are planning and semi-under construction. Sidenote though? Did you see any updates from the recent London make-up event? Boy do we wish we could go. Instead, we may share some of our favorite bloggers' updates and coverage.