Sunday: Updates #16

Photo credits: Danielle via Zozo Temple

Late but early? Being in Japan I have the luxury of being 14 hours ahead of the Midwest. It's like being in the future. LeShea and I are still busy with our jobs in Japan and not too much has been kicking off here besides my face melting and earthquakes in Tokyo. In Hokkaido cool weather with lots of sports games for kids.

  1. My face is melting because of the heat in Tokyo - expect a post about that
  2. LeShea has been a serious cosmetic buying spree - (What is she going to do with all of that??)
  3. Shoes, shoes, and more shoes!
  4. Being lazy or doing stuff that is the question...
  5. Blogging & Procrastination at work & work, of course - Dani's life right now.

Make sure to start the week off right and have good week!