About three weeks ago, I spent an entire Saturday night locked up in my little Japanese apartment drooling over beauty blogger posts and videos.

I'm determined to amp up my make-up skills and tricks for this coming season. Though it's already half way through 2015, I feel the need to constantly be on the hunt for new products to play with for the year. So far, I've kinda gone crazy. My new favorite beauty blogger, Estare, has me re-obsessed with make-up and eyeshadows--two of my old vices. From obsessing over her skills and her looks via her channel EstareLIVE, I learned a lot of her secrets and where she gets her goods... is a site Dani and I have seen many many times but never really trusted. Maybe this is only until recently, but it looked extremely sketchy before. But from what Estare shared on her Aliexpress walkthrough vid, I felt much better using it myself. It is pretty easy and convienent to use, especially when you use the Top Rated tab. And boy, did I use it or what! Literally 6 hours of shopping and watching Estare while laying in bed eating Japanese pudding--I regret nothing (so far).


I ordered 4 things: two make-up brush sets, clip in bangs, and a wig. It actually came pretty darn fast despite what is written on under each item description. The only shipping option is China Mail (or whatever) by standard and I think that is because of my current location.. I wanted to start small and very catiously with Aliepxress since I was still weary. 
If my order is a success, I've found a new tool. But for now,  I've loaded up my shopping cart with tons of wants: shoes, bags, hair, more hair, possible designer make-up palletes...We shall see how much my wallet loves or hates me by the time this is all over.
All of my items actually showed up within days of each other over a couple of weeks--much faster than the 60 day average listed. I've been using and enjoying my items, which I will share soon! (Psst! There are sneak peaks on our Instgram!)