Lifestyle: Book(s) Completed #3

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It's been a while since I've finished a book, I have so many started and scattered around my apartment it's crazy.

And sad, but I managed to finish one.

The Style Strategy by Nina Garcia

The Style Strategy was a book I picked up maybe two years ago (Sad I know) but I'm glad I did. As I mentioned before I am always looking for ways to improve my style, and I wanted a starting point.

(FYI this book was purchased before Paris Street Fashion.)

First thing, Nina Garcia is the Creative Director at Marie Claire and has been a judge on Project Runway since its first season. She has worked for Elle Magazine and has written four fashion related books.

To the book:
Essentially The Style Strategy is another "Clothes & things to have in your closet, what to keep & what to toss" which is perfectly ok. Having multiple books that tell you the same thing in the beginning means that it's right, right?

But that's not all what this book is, as a Creative Director she knows her stuff, she has the experience to show it.

Ahem, the book is broken dow into three chapters:

  1. What do I have
  2. What do I need
  3. What do I want
Within the chapters there are quotes from famous designers, fashion influencers, and a bonus of fashion history. What she also did is include a playlist to help you get into the mood of when you do take the plunge and clean/donate your not-so-trendy-anymore clothes.

Points to take from The Style Strategy:

  1. Avoid anything that looks cheap.
  2. Make Investments in your wardrobe- They are your building blocks.
  3. Trends come and go, use your common sense and don't spend a fortune on a trend.
  4. Fabrics matter
    1. Synthetics don't breathe well
    2. 100% cotton & wool are better choices, comes in beautiful colors, environmentally friendly.
  5. Mix highs & lows
    1. An example for my city: Nordstrom vs Boston Store or Express vs Forever XXI
  6. If it can be layered don't spend a fortune on it- Tanks, camis, basic tees, etc.
  7. Don't wear the same shoes everyday - It makes them last longer 
  8. Your go to Mantra: Shop Smart, Stay Chic, and make it last.
  9. Nina Garcia's Classic's list:
    1. Classic high heeled pump
    2. Ballet flats
    3. Trench coat
    4. Classic white button up
    5. LBD (Little Black Dress)
    6. Cashmere Cardigan or Turtle neck
    7. A great handbag/bag
    8. Denim
A mantra from Nina Garcia to live by: Shop Smart, stay chic, and make it last.