Fashion: Japanese Magazines

It's no lie that I freakin' love Japanese magazines. I have tons of them.

I love them to bits.
The layout.
Fashion coordinates.
Manga chapters inside.
Make up how tos

I wish that our magazines would take a few tips from them!

Of course it takes me a little bit of time to translate parts of the magazines, but the cultural difference between Japan and the United States is pretty sizable when it comes to women in each society.

Fashion and beauty takes the cake or cupcake in Japanese magazines, the articles are short and become more lengthy as the reader gets closer to the back of the book.

Where as in American magazines, there are ads, short (sometimes long) articles, more ads, ads  littered through the magazine, honestly I think our magazines are generally ads, articles, celeb fashion, and whatever else.

Kinda sad, but on to the goods of the Japanese magazines!

Fashion coordinate inspiration anyone?

Make up how tos

Did I mention that they also have recipes for food as well??