Make up: Eye Candy

Lately, I have found myself focused not only on the canvas that is your face, but around the eyes as well. Over the last month, I've taken a huge interest in liners, shadows, and eyebrow tools. A mix of U.S. and Japanese cosmetics, I can't stop pickin' things up when I head out somewhere. Here is what I picked up and now use rather frequently:

Maybelline Color INK

I rather like Maybelline's COLOR INK line. It's really creamy and actually stays on (with the right primer, of course!). It is a very feminine, sweet, and light color. The line does include bolder colors such as a very bright bold blue and a very dramatic gold and a green. I plan on playing with the others when I can.


Ever Sharp Liner & Hyper Sharp Liner

Maybelline's Hyperline Liquid liner was one I really liked at first, but it wasn't as bold as I wanted to be. I want to try the recent dramatic cat eye trend with the sharp tip (link) but I haven't found the right liner yet. Still on the hunt for a good liner like this one.

The EverSharp Liner has good pigment, just smudges really really easily. And I hate that in a liner. No girl ever wants to look like a racoon or like she can't handle a simple
basic liner. Though this isn't an official review, I can't say I recommend this one.

Kiss Eyebrow Mascara (JPN Product--Left)

 This was another product I really liked at first. I am still in the baby steps of perfecting the neat brow, but this one is a little too light for me. I know colored eyebrows are in, or at least lighter than the actual hair color as in Korean beauty trends, but I feel odd at times wearing it. It gets sorta chalky.

EXCEL Eyebrow Liner & Shadow (JPN Product--Right)

I really love this one, actually. I fell in love with it on my way back from a trip as I played with it in-store. It goes on well and matches my brow color pretty darn well. Very easy to use, nice gold casing.

With all that said, I'm still playing around with looks, new products, and new tools. Most recent purchases (mini-haul) shall be revealed and reviewed soon.