Review: Boots Botanics Soothing eye makeup remover

photo credits: Lily Melrose -

Finally got around to it...but I'm not liking it as much as I thought.

I picked up this item during my internship in London, England (see post here)
While in London I was beginning to fall in love with skincare products and I was willing to take the plunges and buy something expensive.

Which I think I did...maybe...

Boots Pharmacy saved me a few times on actually splurging too soon, but with one of the products I purchased the results weren't so great.

What they say:

The clear oil phase effectively sweeps away impurities and makeup, including waterproof formulations.

The aqueous phase is given its color by hibiscus, and helps to sooth the eye area and conditions lashes.

The active plant extract, hibiscus contains natural AHAs which mildly exfoliates to help leave skin smoother and brighter.

Before we begin, I don't have any actual product pictures, I had to toss the products because it leaked so much!!

On to the reivew

Product name: Boots Botanics soothing eye make up remover
Type: Drug Store
Scent: Smells like bubbles, ick.
Price: 1.99-3.99 GBP, about $5.99
Results:  Very slight brightness around the eye area, makeup still there.
Straight forward, not really impressed with this make up remover. It's made up of two parts, Oil + Water/makeup remover solution. You have to shake it to mix up the product, in doing so the remover kinda comes out thick. The actual make up doesn't come off easy, you have to rub almost scrub your eye to get even some of it off which leaves my eyes red and irritated. When I was in London I used it once just to get a feel for it and it spilled in my bag on the way back! (I even tripled tightened it before packing it.) Either way, it's a sucky remover, it doesn't remove very well and it smells like bubbles.

Recommended? DEFINITELY NOT!