Sunday: Updates #17

Readjusting or adjusting to something new and or familiar is difficult. I'm making a public announcement, I Danielle has returned to the United States and have been back for three weeks. I did have my mind set on staying in Japan for a year, but I had to return for reasons.


Since being back I've experienced mild culture shock, which I expected but it wasn't enough to cause me to hide in my apartment from everyone. (That's actually what I have been doing...) So far I think my adjustment is going well, but there has been some snags, such as:

Waking up at 5:30 AM - 6:00AM
Binging on video games, specifically Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy XV
Drinking copious amounts of tea
Being more aloof

The list goes on, but here's what happened recent this past week:

  1. Obsession with Final Fantasy 
  2. A lot of self love
  3. Someone being a #makeupaddict
  4. #Beginnerminimalist
  5. It was Dani's b-day yesterday!

Remember to start your week off positive and optimistic!