Beauty: IMAN Cosmetics

Immediately smitten by the minimalistic green packing and the sleek and simple design of the lips sticks, IMAN cosmetics appeared to me at my local Walgreens. A bit on the pricey side but definitely worth it to the ladies that have issues finding their foundations.

Also...Iman herself is 60 yrs young. I mean y-o-u-n-g, just look at this woman!

Here's a bit about IMAN cosmetics:

- Designed for women of color, Asian, Latina, African-American, and Multicultural.
- Darker tones only!
-Can be purchased at Target, Walgreens, and Walmart
-Website has a matchmaking program that includes foundations from other brands such as Black Opal, Fashion Fair, MAC, L'oreal, and Revlon.

While it is difficult, IMAN cosmetics makes it easier to find a match.

Can I just say that it is hard for girls with darker skin tones to find their correct tones in foundations, concealers, etc. I still have a hard time finding my own, I am usually a mixtures of one foundation lighter and one foundation darker.


While blankly and occasionally zoning out while staring at all of the products, I limited myself to two products.

From this brand I picked up :

*IMAN CC Correct & Cover (CC Powder/Cream)

*Luxury Moisturizing lipstick (in the color of ) Teak

Keep an eye out for IMAN cosmetics at your local Walgreens & reviews coming soon!