Fashion: Power Outfit + the color red

Danielle LeShea: Power Outfit

What strong independent young woman doesn't need a power outfit?

You know that go to outfit when you're about to close a business deal, have a very important meeting with the head honchos, give a presentation, etc. Quite honestly it doesn't even need to be an outfit, it can be a cute/ sexy pair of underwear! Having a power outfit (or underwear) can give you a boost of confidence needed to take on whatever stands in your way.

Speaking of confidence, the color red is a definite confidence booster. Red is  a color I started to love when an old flame of mine of said I looked 'good' in red and he liked the color red (don't judge, I was super smitten).

Ahem, besides that the color red exudes a strong, powerful, sexual & sensual, energy. Of course you don't want to completely drape yourself in red, too much red can cause you or others to become irritated or angry.

Of course there are various versions of an power outfit, mine about is more professional due to my urging and deep seeded need/lust to have more professional wear in my wardrobe.


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