My Aliexpress Goodies

They came, they came! <3

My goods came a bit ago now, but I have yet to show you all! If you've been tuning into our Instagram, you may have seen some of my items already. However, here is some more information on them if you're looking to step into the land of Aliexpress, too!

First off, I must say that I did not and still do not regret a thing!  I used to be very worried about ordering from this site due to it's past layout and appearance (I judged a book...blah) but I have not had any issues with this site. In fact, everything came in good condition, faster than estimated, and with decent packaging.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Brush Kit (tin casing)

I love this set and I am so glad I bought it, I paid $4.85 for it.When I looked in the comments, there were complaints of that the tin case was missing so I was worried and made a note to the seller to make sure to include came! The brushes are awesome, soft bristles, range in great sizes, great to use with my new shadows,  and are easy to clean and transport.
ONLY DOWNSIDE: I washed them recently and the handles got a little wet..and cracked rather badly. Sad day.

10 Piece Brush Set

Another awesome buy at $9.53. Been using this awesome set with my BH Cosmetics contour kit and it works wonders together. A stipple brush, angle brush, several powder brushes, concealer brushes, and some brushes that can double as shadow brushes are in the set. I get so many uses outta these babies. As per the comments, they did smell like paint on arrival, but a quick cleaning rid them of the smell!

Clip-In Bangs (pictured left)

I am mixed on this one. They felt good coming out of the package and moved nicely when used, but it sheds rather easily. Not as much as it did at first, but still...also, it can be a little annoying if you don't install it right. As your natural oils (and some product) are absorbed by the clip-in, it gets sorta piecey. It was a little less than $6 so I can't complain too much. It's been serving it's purpose so far...

Long Ombre Wig (pictured right)

I've only tried it on and played with it for an hour so I cannot truly say anything yet other than it sheds a lot and gets tangled easily. Hm. For $15, you can't be too picky, eh? (More later...)

Turns out Aliexpress ain't too bad girls. (Thanks Estare!)