Review: Indeed Labs Nanoblur

I was finally able to pick this sucker up I've had my eye on this product line for quite sometime, but was always deterred by the price and not enough knowledge about the company. A few weeks and a big sale later I picked it up Here's my review on it.

Product details:
"Instant correction of appearance or skin aging, including the look of fine lines, wrinkles, crow's feet and enlarged pores."

Benefits of product:
Works in seconds
Can be applies to face, hands, neck
Smooths & mattifies
Minimizes Pores
Improves skin tone/redness
Soften lines

Danielle's Review:

Product Name: Indeed Laboratories Nanoblur
Type: Drugstore
Price: $13.49 on sale normally priced $19.99
Results: Mattification
Overview: Quite honestly I am not impressed with this product at all, I'm not sure if I had high expectations for this product or not. The product itself  a white cream that seems creamy, but that is not the case. The product is quickly absorbed into the skin and sometimes leaves my skin feeling moist and soft, but usually ends up becoming dry later on in the day. Also there has been times where it kinda left my skin a little sticky feeling.

In short I'm not the impressed by the product, the blurring, and smoothing isn't really apparent on my skin. If you use too much it'll give your skin a greyish tint, at least for my skin tone

Recommended? For a lower price ,yes. Current price, No.