Review: Shiseido Hadasui Water Toner

As you guys know Shiseido is one of my favorite luxury Japanese brands. Today I would like to tell you guys about another facial mist, Shiseido Hadasui Toner mist
First a little background on Japanese terms for skincare:

-Lotion & Softener is closely related to our American skin toner.
-Serums are skincare products that target specific skin concerns with higher concentrated ingredients and more expensive.
-Emulsions are a light moisturizer and are generally water based.

These are some of the words that you'll see when looking at Japanese and or Korean Beauty products. If you've never really seen or searched for Japanese skincare items it could get a little intimidating. Have you seen their skincare regimen?? It's crazy and I love it, now if only I can keep up my own skincare regimen...On with the review!

Out of the bottles pictured above, each of the bottles can be used for different skin concerns.
Pink: Highly moisturizing and dry skin concerns.
Blue: For Oily skin
White: Has whitening properties and can be used by any skin type
Green: For guys and can be used by anyone.

I purchased the blue one.
Product Details:
Photo credits: Rakuten

Danielle's Review

Product Name: Shiseido Hadasui Lotion
Type: Japanese Drugstore
Price: 500 yen, approx. $5 USD
Results: Clean supple skin
Overview: I love this stuff. I used it in addition to my makeup removing wipes and also just to refresh my face after a long day or because it was sweltering outside. Although it says lotion/toner it is more like a facial mist similar to the Evian facial mists. Also the mist has other uses as well, such as  split-ends, correcting make up mistakes, after shaving.

Multi-use, I love it.

Recommended? Yes!

You can purchase Shiseido's Hadasui Lotion through Amazon along with any Japanese and or Korean beauty sites.