BH Cosmetics: Mini-Haul Share

Hello there!

I am sure it is no secret, but I have been shopping and shopping a little obessively lately. On Instagram like no other, following more and more bloggers, checking out up and coming beauty brands...I have a serious monster of an obsession.

Via my Insta-obsession, I discovered BH Cosmetics (along with many others) and noted the awesome things being said and done along with it. Of course , I had to try myself. Takin' advantage of their awesome sale (and my mother, lol), here is some of what I got...

Contour, Blush, and Highlight Kit

I really really like this little palette. This is my first contour kit ever and so far, I enjoy it. This kit is a powder rather than a cream and is pretty easy to use. I have a better shot of this kit elsewhere (i.e. our Instagram) so you can better see the banana(eque) powder, highlighter, dark, medium, and blush powders.

Liquid Foundation

BH Cosmetics foundation had to grow on me. I really did not like it at first since I felt it made me look a little red. It works better with the powders below.

HD Mineral Powder & Pressed Finishing Powder

I love these powders so so so much! Both of them cover well and give a nice smooth finish. The mineral powder (top) has a nice consistency to it and the pressed powder (bottom) is very silky and smooth. Both only about $4 to $5! 

'70's Eye Shadow Pallette

This palette is life [pictured above]! At least it feels like it does, lol. It is so bright and vibrant and I cannot believe how discounted it was at checkout, which was a part of the deal. I plan to show many different looks with this palette so I will give more deats on it then.
I have a mini-haul from Ulta, some GC Cosmetics, and some ColourPop lippies I am waiting  to review via video soon (hopefully). Dani and I will be reunited once again for some blog fun! Ta-ta!