MEME Box Item Review: Unni Recipe Vitamin C Recharger

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A product review from my MEME Box purchase waaay back when. I know that I have a few other MEME Box purchases to review and I plan on getting to those fairly soon. If you don't know what MEME Box is click on the pink box in the side bar to be taken to their website.

Now on to the review of Unni Recipe Vitamin C Recharger.

Product Details
"A vitamin  recharging, tone, brightening essence that enriches dull, dehydrated skin with six different vitamins, lemon extracts, orange extracts, grapefruit extracts, lime extracts and niacin-amide."

Danielle's Review:
Product name: Unni Recipe Vitamin C Recharger
Type: ??
Price: ??
Results: Noticeably brighter, clearer, smoother skin!
Overview: I'm completely amazing by this product. Hands down this is my face skin care item. After returning to the states on a 10+ flight my skin was dull, and had blemishes. After two weeks of using I could plainly see my skin improving. The Vitamin C, lemon, orange, lime, and grapefruit extracts are the best thing, it really, REALLY helped brighten and tone my skin!

I will say, that this product is difficult to locate on the internet. The only place I've seen this product is online at MEME Box. Perhaps it's only located in certain countries

Recommended: HECK YES!