Review: IMAN Cosmetics Lipstick + CC

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Like I mentioned before, I finally got my hands on some of IMAN cosmetics. Here's my review on

- IMAN CC Correct & Cover -
- Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick- Teak -

Products Details: IMAN CC Correct & Cover
"It starts as a velvety textured powder, then upon application dissolves into a hydrating, soft focus, line filling corrective concealing creme. As a companion to BB creme will replace IMAN Corrective Concealers for more advance light-to-medium coverage. 
It features the benefits of an active botanical complex with vitamins and nutrients that even out skin imperfections like under-eye darkness, blemishes and hyper-pigmentation while conditioning the skin."

Danielle's Review:
Product Name: IMAN CC Correct & Cover
Type: Drugstore
Price: $15.00 + tax, but I purchased on clearance for $3.79
Results: Difficult application, with OK coverage.
Overview: I was pretty excited getting this product and was pleasantly surprised and a little disappointed at the same time. I was surprised at the fact that the powder changed into a cream, I have had liquids change into powder  but not the opposite. Either way I was disappointed at the application. Inside the box, they gave you a small application sponge, but I felt like the sponge did not help apply it. It felt like the sponge actually hindered the application. It also felt like you would need to use a lot of the product (if you used the sponge) to cover your entire face, I resorted to using my fingers to apply it.

Recommended: A normal CC cream would be more effective than this powder. The application disappointed me, also the original price itself isn't worth the amount that you get. Not Recommended.

Product Details: Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick - Teak
Enhance your lips with this complimentary, dual tone lipstick. The luxurious, creamy color glides right on to give you a full-coverage look with a matte finish that's smooth and long-wearing."

No makeup, just lips.

Danielle's Review:
Product Name: Iman Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick, Teak
Type: Drugstore
Price: $10.00 + tax
Results: Moist golden metallic brown lips
Overview: After staring at the Iman products at my local drugstore I caved in and purchased a lipstick in a color that I wouldn't normally pick. The color Teak is a golden metallic brown color. Something new and something different. I like this lipstick a lot due to the moisturizing aspect, I like matte lipstick (normally) and so my lips a fairly dry, but with this lipstick I can feel that my lips are moist with this lipstick. The wear time for this lipstick is between 5-6 hours, that's a whole day...almost.

While it's still considered summer, I'm excited to wear this color for the fall!

Recommended: Yes!

You can purchase these items here:
Iman Cosmetics website (online only)