Danielle LeShea: Bags + Purses that's needed in your closet

Danielle LeShea: Bags + Purses
A bag and purse can be a statement piece to a basic accessory to your outfit. Here are a few purses and bags that you should have in your closet:

LeShea (left): Target
Dani (right): Aldo
This is your go-to bag for work, errands, shopping, coffee dates with friends, staying out late, etc. Start with a neutral color and make sure that it can hold everything you need from the start of the day to the end of the day.

LeShea (left): Japan
Dani (right): Aldo

Add a little sparkle or class to your cute/sexy going out coordinate or have it be your 'pop' piece when it you've got it in a bright color.

LeShea: Forever 21
Totes can be used for carrying groceries, library books, to hauling clothes to Goodwill. Save yourself the "plastic bags inside of plastic bags" and use totes instead. Also, they're much fashionable and durable than plastic.

LeShea (left): Charlotte Russe
Dani (right): T.K. Maxx- London

From cute to chic, a handbag can be your "pop" accessory when you don't have time to coordinate. Small and only carries what you need (i.e. cell, wallet, lippies, etc.)

LeShea (left): Japan
Dani (right): Japan

Fashion backpacks are taking over the fashion/accessory world by a storm. Cute backpacks can be used for classes to just doing a quick errand run. Of course returning from the 90s, but with a cute twist they are in, again. Switch up your day bag & handbag with a cute fashion backpack.

Thinkin' bout the weekend

The name says it all, pack all of your traveling weekend needs in this bag or mini suitcase and toss it in your backseat or on the overhead shelf in a plane.

What's your favorite go-to bag? Any other bags you think that are essential for your closet?