Hair: DYI

After months of gazing longingly to all these amazing hairstyles, I finally decided to do something different with my own look. I usually do the same thing all the time: dark and straight homemade clip-in extensions. Not this time (well, not really)....

This time, I decided I would not only add some color to my look, but also sew it in myself. (Insert somewhat melodramatic music here.) I've always wanted to try and do it myself, but this time, I actually did it--more or less--with Mom's help.

Following the footsteps of Shirley B. Eniang and Estare [Live], I am really trying to learn how to do and style my own hair. I've done the clip-ins, wigs, and so on, but now I am focusing on DIY sew-ins. (Thank goodness for Youtube.) I am no expert yet, but here is to all the ladies feelin' independant--to do their own hair. :D

P.S. Excuse the poorly shot selfies.