MEME Box Item review: Ettang Modeling take-out cup pack

So many reviews on MEME Box products right? MEME Box has a plethora of Korean brand products, today I'll tell you about Ettang Modeling Take-out Cup pack.

Also, I realized that there are two versions of this mask pack, I have the older version the newer version is on the MEME Box website

My version

Product Details:
Within the Ettang modeling take-out cup pack there are seven different kinds of masks (in my version, and eight in the new version). Each mask has a different benefits to them (there's six in the pic but seven altogether.) Below is a list of the masks and their benefits:

Danielle's Review:
Product Name: Ettang Modeling Take-Out Cup Pack
Type: Korean
Texture: Super thick to thin
Price: $17.00 + shipping
Results: Results vary depending on mask used.
Overview: It was super messy, it actually stained a tank top of mine. Besides that it was fun and a little confusing at first, due to (perhaps) bad translation?? You would basically add water to the mixture until it becomes somewhat like a slimy goop and apply it to your face and let dry. Once all of it is dry you would pull it off your face and complete your skincare routine

Recommended: Due to the messiness of the masks, I wouldn't recommend this specific mask pack.