Review: Oscar Impact & Cool Eyes

While in Japan, LeShea and I picked up some cosmetics, more specifically eyeliner. Not being a newbie to Creer Beaute or the awesome packaging I recommended LeShea to this eyeliner & tester. She fell in love with it and bought it, we decided to both give our own reviews on the product because we have our different mindsets and experiences.

(Check out Dani's post about another Creer Beaute product here )

Product Details:
Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner is a super thin brush(0.1mm) and black color of eyeliner with added Water Guard Polymer--a protectant against sweat, water, and grease. It lasts long but will also rinse off easily with lukewarm water. This dramatic liner creates sharp and cool lines for up to 24 hours. Contains three different moisturizer ingredients: LipidureR(treatment), Natural Rose Oil(Moist), and Rose Water that penetrates deep into the eyeline to restore and maintain moisture for smoother and beautiful look eyelines. This creates a layer of balanced moisture for softer and moisturized look. Use Technical Fit Brush. 

Name of product: Creer Beaute Oscar Impact & Cool eyes liquid eyeliner
Type: Japanese Drugstore
Scent: Smells like roses (??)
Price: 500 yen (?), $5-6
Results: Awesome, long lasting, dark application.

Danielle's Review: I've always been drawn to Creer Beaute cosmetic line. I'm a sucker for the 80's manga look they give their girls on the packaging. Not only was the packaging but also the test in Don Quixote (Japanese megastore) sold me. The application is my favorite; it has a brush applicator that allows it to glide right on. The application itself is crisp, dark and dries quickly. The past three months I've been using this it hasn't lived up to the tester back in Japan. The color isn't as crisp and is sometimes fading due to the eyeshadow used.

Dani Recommended: Maybe? I am on the fence about this eyeliner. If you are using another brush liner, I would stick to that.

<3 LeShea Review: Like Dani, I loved the tester found in-store. After using it a first few times, I wasn't necessarily blown away anymore. Recently, however, I found myself loving it again due to a little trick--turns out that this liner only agrees with extremely light eyeshadows. Pairing it with Au Naturel (Ulta shadow), it stands out and lasts much longer than with highly pigmented or shimmery shadows. Even if you never get your hands on this one, you aren't missin' out on much.

LeShea Recommended: Not really.