Beauty: Facial Masks + Why you should use them

With the changing of the seasons, it feels like Autumn in Wisconsin but it is still Summer, I noticed that my skin was acting a little off.

You know, random dry spots, oily in other spots, etc. and not wanting to deal with it I instantly changed/added to my skincare regimen.

Can I just say facial masks are the best thing ever?? Here I'll let you know why you should incorporate masks into your skincare regimen.

Here is my current skincare regimen
Shiseido Eye & Lip Makeup remover
Chanel Lait Comfort makeup remover
DHC Moisture Fruit Foaming facial wash
Chanel Lotion Douceur -Toner
Unni Recipe Vitamin C Serum

This is what my current regimen is like, I made an effort to completely take off all of my makeup and to stop  being lazy about it. It's not gonna do much for my skin later on in life. I use two makeup removers, one for my eyes & lips and another one for all over. The rest of the items is self-explanatory.

I changed up my skincare regimen when I noticed I was getting dry spots on my chin and around my nose. Here is what I added to my regimen, catering to those trouble spots I mentioned before:

As you can see here I added two additional items, masks. Can I just say that I love masks? They are like a mini spa in a sealed bag.

There are just so many to choose from, you have your traditional tissue/sheet masks that have been taking over Asian for years, you have your American version of the tissue/sheet masks, the gel-like masks such as the Mint Julep Masque along with the clay & clay like masks that have been silently rising up behind the scenes. And not pictured but can be seen here & here, you have your sleeping masks & your peel off masks.

Not only are you giving yourself a mini spa treatment but you are also giving your skin a needed boost to deal with the toxins, pollutants, germs that your skin is bombarded with every day
Additional boost to your skin
Treats specific issues (i.e. enlarged pores, dry skin, etc )
Inexpensive + concentrated skin booster
Increases circulation 

From the plethora of masks pictured above there are several types of masks that suits everyone's fancy...

Types of Masks:
Clay- Best for oily + acne prone skin.
Hydrating- Best for dry skin + or an extra boost of moisture for the skin.
Gel- Best for irritated skin, shrinks pores and blood vessels
Tissue/Sheets- Quick, simple and easy to use 
Sleeping Mask- Provides benefits while sleeping!

Where do I get them:
Drugstore- Walgreens, CVS, etc.
Beauty Stores- ULTA, Sephora, etc.
 Online-,,, etc.
Scared my dog, and boyfriend~

It is an extra step for your current skin regime, but also your skin will love it. Go pick up a mask from your local drugstore, beauty store and Treat yo'self.