SOTW #34

Hey there, LeShea here,

Long time no "see", eh? Sorry about that. In the midst of job hunting and interviewing, I haven't been very focused on other things than finding a new job since returning to the States. Don't worry, I'm still here (/back?) and I still have many things to share.

D&L hasn't done a Song of the Week in some time, but here's this:

I have been really into this song since I heard it while driving one day. Takes my mind of this job hunt and makes me feel sassy (and dare I say a little sexy?) due to the tone of Selena's voice. With summer closing and some fun songs still popping with the summer-like vibes, this song still has me sauntering around even with the oncoming autumn chill.


*D&L does not own or claim any rights to music shared on this blog.