Sunday: Updates #22

After discovering my love for the Autumn season sans pumpkin flavored things, I have taken a step of decorating my little apartment with Autumn like things (or at least try to). I've been scanning Pinterest almost every day looking for new ideas to bring in the scent of fall or find some cool decor for my apartment.

What about you guys? What decor do you guys have in your apartment? Suggestions? Let's grab a cup of mulled apple cider and chat!

Here's what's up with Dani & Shea:

- Shea and I have tons of posts for you guys! Keep an eye out for them!

- London Fashion Week has already wrapped up and now Milan fashion week is in full blow! Any designers you're excited about?

-With Autumn officially here, I (Dani) have been looking into seasonal foods (besides pumpkin) I'm looking to try out this recipe here

-I'm slowly getting into ginger tea but with a twist, Ginger & Tumeric tea. I have my eye on this ginger tea if I get sick. Healing Ginger Tea

- Maybe fall weather is here in Wisconsin??

Remember to start your week out on a positive mindset!