Beauty: Smashbox BB & CC Creme Review

I remember mid-2000s BB Creams were all about the rage, and it kind seems like the rage has calmed a bit, but after my first encounter with BB Creams I kinda let it simmer.

I just wanna say that BB & CC Creams are my life now and are essential to everyone.

I picked up the BB Cream first and then the CC Cream, the BB Cream matched my skin perfectly and gave it my favorite finish, a dewy finish. In my previous post about BB & CC creams I spoke about how BB & CC Creams both have the protection, moistuizing, and priming aspects to them.

BB Cream Product Details:
PRIMES: Wear alone, or under your favorite foundation to create a smooth canvas.
PERFECTS: Tinted formula evens out skin for a flawless finish.
HYDRATES: Improves skin moisture in 4 weeks. Guaranteed.
PROTECTS: SPF 35 guards against UVA/UVB rays.
CONTROLS OIL: Minimizes shine with no chalky finish.

CC Cream Product Details:
The advanced, lightweight formula neutralizes and brightens skin for a more even complexion. It's also proven to fade dark spots, sun spots and post-acne marks instantly and over time.
  • Primes, perfects, protects (with SPF 30!), moisturizes and controls oil
  • Visibly fades existing dark spots, sun spots and post-acne marks
  • Immediately evens skin with a tinted formula, and prevents discoloration in the future
  • In several shades - just match CC to the shade of your skin the way you would with foundation.

Danielle's Review:
Name: Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream 
Type: Prestige
Texture: Creamy
Price: $39.00 + tax
Results: Smooth, fresh, face with medium coverage. Exact color match.
Overview: When first trying it on I was surprised. It fit my skin exactly and I swear by it. The finish was dewy and it gave me the warm tone I was looking for during the winter season. After applying it, my face felt smooth and moist and the coverage is medium bording on light. The image on the left shows how much warmer the BB cream is on my skin compared to the image to the right.

Recommended: It is a higher priced BB cream, but totally worth it for the coverage and the seamless application. So yes!

Danielle's Review:
Name: Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream
Type: Prestige
Texture: Creamy
Price: $42.00 + tax
Results: Smooth, fresh face, with medium coverage. Color match is a little lighter.
Overview: After being smitten by the BB Cream, I decided to try the CC cream because of my hyperpigmentation near my chin. If the CC Cream didn't come in a different tube you probably would be able to tell the difference between the two right away.  The CC cream is a bit brighter on my skin compared to the BB cream pic on the left.

Recommended: It depends, if you need the color correcting foundation go for it. If you are just in the market looking for a new foundation, I would stick with the BB Cream.