Lifestyle: Morning Routine for Autumn

Now that it's official autumn that means a change in routine. Here's a little extra reminders or tips to help you from looking like a walking dead in the morning.
Bloggers at the Free People Blog are all natural holistic yogis and provide insights on how to become more natural, holistic, and feeding your body what it needs without the extra additives.I like waking up and not being jolted from an alarm or a bright light. I've experienced that too many time during college, and from people yelling at 6AM.

Sleep in
You don't have to tell me twice. They suggest that you sleep later but don't miss your alarm, so that means even going to be a little be earlier to get those extra hours of sleep. But make sure you wake up slowly.

Sip on Ginger Tea
I'm starting to become a fan of ginger again, I had a falling out with ginger during my teenage years and realized the healing and stimulating properties of ginger. They suggest sipping on ginger tea in the morning (instead of coffee) to help wake up your digestive system and stimulate your body.

Eat a warm breakfast
Say bye-bye to the cold cereals, and introduce warm cereals or even oatmeal into your breakfast. At the FPB, they suggest sticking to seasonal foods (which are cheaper) that are cooked warm, moist, sweet and soft. I've been eating breakfast tacos, yum yum.

Get moving
This is something that I am trying to get better at doing, morning yoga. FPB suggests doing a gentle workout. They are generally talking about yoga poses and not going directly into an intense workout. When you wake up start out with detoxing twists, side stretches, bends, sun salutations. On youtube there are a plethora of morning yoga vids.

Because the weather is getting colder there are some things the FPB suggest avoiding to keep the heat going inside of your body or things that will change the balance in your body.
-Light, dry, rough foods that lowers the heat in your body .
-Cold Drinks.
-Skipping meals, irregular eating or irregular fasting.
-Snacking too much between meals.
-Exposure to cold drafts and wind, maintain the heat in your body.
-Too much coffee or television.
-Absence of routine.