New Shoes! (Pt. 1)

Look who is walkin' pretty!

Ever since I got back from the Land of the Rising Sun, I cannot stop buying shoes! After going through all of my clothes for the Fall season, I realized that I have way more shoes than I realized. Here are my recent shoe-goodies!

Camel-colored Points

   Brand: Mossimo
   Found at: Goodwill
   Price: $4.99!

Blue-Gray Cutout Booties

Brand: Charlotte Russe
Found at: Plato's Closet
Price: $12

Black Peep-Toe Booties

Brand: Nine West
Found: By my mother/hand-me-down! <3
Price: Free!

Navy Zipper Booties

Brand: American Eagle (Payless)
Price: ~$25-$30

These are only about half of the new little kicks in my closet. ;)
Stay tuned on my other goodies soon...

~LeShea <3