Review: DHC Moisture Fruit Foaming Wash

A random buy from T.J. Maxx, every time I see a Japanese skincare product sans Shiseido, I have to scoop it up. This time I came across a DHC skincare product, DHC Moisture Fruit Foaming Wash to be exact.

As you guys know LeShea and I are obsessed with Japanese & Korean beauty products so I had to pick this up. The brand DHC stands for Daigaku Honyaku Company (translation: A educational translation company.) that began in 1972. DHC is widely known for it's cleansing oil that uses fresh Spaniard virgin olive oil, of course, there is no olive oil in this facial wash, but I had to try it out. It looked fun and the packing was cute too boot.
Product Details:  
Mild foaming cleanser cleanses and nourishes skin with the natural fruit extracts of kiwi, raspberry, apple, peach and grapefruit. Lightweight cleanser removes all traces of impurities, while botanical amino acids hydrate and soften skin leaving skin velvety soft with a noticeable radiant glow. Best for young skin, suitable for all skin types. -

Danielle's Review:
Name: DHC Moisture Fruit Foaming Face Wash
Scent: Fruit, but mostly apple citrus scent.
Texture: Liquid inside the bottle, foam after pumping.
Price: $12.99 + tax
Results: Clean face.
Overview: Knowing that Japan is really big on using non-abrasive face washes, foaming washes are huge. Honestly, I'm not impressed and I'm not disappointed with this face wash. It's light and foamy and smells good, but I couldn't tell any major difference for this wash compared to another cream wash.

Recommended: If you want something cute and fun, a foaming wash is the key. But if you are looking for a foaming wash to be your main stick with your gel, cream or oil wash.

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Amazon - $8.99 + shipping