Sunday: Updates #24

Autumn is in full blow, but it feels a little bit more like Winter in Wisconsin. But that doesn't mean that LeShea and I can't rock fashionable coordinates, and continue towards our goals, sans the winter-like weather.

Here's what's up with Dani & Shea:

  • Dani and LeShea both have new their jobs and working for the future! 
  • Up and coming "A Day with Us" videos and pictures. 
  • More Instagram pics!
  • Shopping tips: The Shopping Confessional (working title). 
  • Want to spice up your makeup routine, but don't know what to do? Start with the eyes. Here are some fun ideas to try for your eyeliner: Eyeliner Swatches
  • Slutty brownies?! A perfect treat for Halloween?! Check out Lauryn's recipe!: Slutty Brownies