Beauty: The Strobing vs. Contouring Hype

To strobe or to contour, that is the question.

Between the two of us, we each prefer our own make-up trend to use for our faces. Strobing for Dani and Contouring for Shea. However, what are the pros/cons and ins/outs of each one?

Dani's tools for strobing/highlighting.

Strobing focuses on highlighting the points on your face where light would naturally hit. Those places are:
--> Cheek bone
--> Brow bone
--> Center of forehead
--> Down your nose
--> Chin

Benefits of Strobing:
--> Gives you a healthy glow. 
 --> Quick and easy.

Cons of Strobing:
--> Can be overlooked.

One of LeShea's Contouring Kits

Contouring has been a trend thanks to the Kardashian Sisters. Basically using two shades darker and lighter than your skin tone you make make features recede or pop.

Benefits of Contouring: 
-->Done specially for your face shape.
-->Allows you to play with shadows.

Cons of Contouring
-->Time consuming.

What are your thoughts on Strobing and Contouring? Are they already a part of your beauty routine? We would definitely like to hear thoughts on how each beauty technique works for you!