Danielle's Winter Wants

Danielle's Winter Wants

Lately I found myself holding back on items that I thought that I wanted but it was more of an almost impulse buy. But this past fall I've been focusing more on my little apartment and redecorating it and what not. Here are some of the thing I'm (actually) lusting for...

A really nice sofa or couch.  I picked up a used leather sofa  about two years ago and It's reaching its limit so a new is definitely in my sights.

New lighting. Lighting is really important for any home, it affects the mood of the home and of course when you take pictures for your blog, etc,etc...

More candles. I'm obsessed with candles, so many different scents and designs like the one above. I NEED to buy it because of it's design.

Decorations. My little apartment is a little bare, but with the right decorations it'll spruce up the apartment and still keep that minimalist feel that I'm digging right now.

Winter Boots/Boots. They're a part of fashion, there's cute designs, and there's snow on the ground. My main reason for justifying boots.

White Heels. Bluntly putting I tore my other heels after gracefully falling, and I like white.

Travel Bag.  It not a secret that I love traveling, I can do it solo or with other people. I have travel bags, but not necessarily an overnight bag. But this cute minimalist overnight bag is perfect!

Bourjois Lipstick & gloss. After discovering this brand in the UK I fell in love with it. I purchased on lipstick and lost it. I need to replace it!

L'Occitane hand creams. After swiping my mom's gift set that she had I fell in love with the travel sized hand creams. Creamy and moisturizing I need more of them. My favorite so far is shea butter + Almond Milk.