Lifestyle: Beauty at Work + Work Tips

Danielle LeShea: Beauty& work essentials

After getting a more serious job I knew that I would have to change more than a few things to fit in with my professional job. Now I'm not saying that retail isn't a professional job, when I say professional I mean a change in environment, being in a your own cubical. Kudos to everyone in retail, I feel you and understand what you are going through.

With changing of my mindset, I have kinda,sort of , maybe have been scouring Cosmo Work, and occasionally the UK version for work tips and beauty tips for professional jobs and working in a professional setting.

Here's what I found:


--->  Neutral makeup is your best friend, experiment with bronze like metallics and shimmers.
---->  Keep your nails in good shape. Keep clear polish or have a spare color at your desk.
---->  Have a makeup emergency kit at your disposal. In a rush? This kit has your back.
---->  Have an emergency "feel better" kit with you. Germs spread in an office, get what you need to keep you functioning at work.
--->  Wear heels? Keep spare flats at your desk or in your car.
--->  Forgot to brush your teeth as you ran out? Carry a spare toothbrush and paste.
Grace Easton-

Work Tips:

Be your boss' biggest ally- Bosses, managers, etc. are usually overloaded and busy with tons of work . Be a pal and help them out by giving them clear and concise info and be proactive. Ask them if they need help with something or if you can take something off their plate.

Flash your talent- Give them a good reminder on why you're valuable and why they hired you. Productive and effective work habits and work is always a plus.

Show your range- Ask to help out on projects that isn't in your job description. Of course if you have time, by helping out you earn yourself recognition and being known for a well-rounded and another reminder on why they hired you.

Take care of yourself- I cannot stress this enough! Make sure you don't burn yourself out. Having your boss see you with low energy leaves a bad taste in their mouths about you. Grab an extra cup of coffee or some strong black/green/oolong tea to wake you up. If you have extra time, do some jumping jacks. Get the blood flowing!