OOTM #1: Black and Gold

So technically, this should be OOTD...however, that is a desirable goal of which I am not able to accomplish. Sadly. Due to my current job, my day to day look is terribly boring and the most I get to "dress up" is through my make-up of the day. Working with children simply does not always permit the most chic outfit one has in her closet.

Nonetheless, here's this.

Sunday was beautiful, absolutely beautiful I must say. Everything was glittering gold, so I decided to follow suit. The leaves, the sun, the reflections on the window--gold. I honestly cannot remember a more beautiful Fall season. Anyone agree?

Editing could be a little better, but I am still hella proud of what I wore this day. This dress is one I picked up in (of course) Japan, but I feel that I have paired this up rather nicely with my US additions. East meets West on my body once again.

Coat: Guess
Dress: H&M
Tights: Shimamura (Japanese store)
Shoes: Nine West (as shown here)
Bag: 2nd Street ( Japanese resale shop)

I've got more up my sleeve...and sadly, some adorable fits I hadn't had a chance to shoot. Darn.