Sunday: Updates#24

Early mornings and copious amounts of coffee. That's what Shea's and myself mornings have been like for the past week. It's gotten to the point where we sometimes don't have enough energy to do basic things and that includes the blog.

After having a mini chat I would like to say that we are getting back to our schedules and post schedule of Tuesday and Fridays.With that said here's what's going on with Dani & Shea:

--> A massive work load for Shea & Dani. Make sure to take care of yourself!

--> Planning for the future is always a top priority for us both. LeShea is attempting to make connections and research her options while Dani is working and studying her but off for ways to pursue what she can as well.

--> New tech is always fun! Shea and I have been eyeing cameras to up our photo taking quality, here are some that we are looking at: Stylish Cameras

--> Social Media is officially part of our lives, but not real life. Check out this famous instagramer's reason for quitting social media: Essena O'Neil

-->How's your closet looking for Autumn and Winter? Need refresher on style? Check out Shirley B Eniang's style tips