Sunday: Updates#25

LeShea and I are still bogged down by work and the fact that Wisconsin finally got snow kinda made it the cherry of our 'bogged downness'. But on the flip side for me (Dani) It feels more like the X-mas season! Not only am I crazy about the Autumn season I go bonkers over the X-mas/winter feeling. The scents, decorations, limited time sales, music (Michael Buble & Frank Sinatra please!) I'm already excited and it's not even past Thanksgiving!

Alright...let me...calm down... : drinks Holiday blend tea :

Here's what's up with Dani & Shea:
---> LeShea has moved up in the ways of Teaching! She's teaching Japanese to little ones!

---> Dani just bought herself a fancy camera kit. Can you say more vlogs & pics?

---> Danie & Shea has some exciting news coming up in a few months! Look for a post!!

---> Snow has officially hit us!

---> Chanelgance,  another blogger & vlogger with a sense of style, traveler, and a clean eater. I've been all over her vlog and soon to be making my way to her blog. Check her blog out here & her vlog here

---> Tara Stiles tips for productivity, when your mind is boggled follow Tara Stiles' way of getting yourself back on track- Actions for better activities.

---> Stress! Check out someStress busters and The Girl from the North- 10 ways to beat stress
of Dani's

---> Need some beauty Boosters?? Add these supplements to your daily routine and watch your body and skin thank you- Vitamins for Beauty

Remember start your week positive and the rest of the week will follow!