Danielle LeShea: Procrastinating tag

More about Dani and Shea, this time of our procrastination habits.

Name a beauty regimen that you rarely do.

Dani: Contouring? It's a big trend and takes too much time. I'll stick to strobing/highlighting.

Shea: Lip prepping. There are all these little kits out there that prep your lips for 'long-lasting wear", but I believe in just a little chapstick before certain lip applications or a little scrub every now and again.

Is washing your brushes something that you do regularly?

Dani: I switch brushes a lot, but when I realize that it's been a while I wash them.

Shea: I should wash them more than I do for the amount I use.

How long will you last with chipped nail polish?

Dani: If I can keep from biting my nails which adds to the chipping. It's not a big thing for me.
Shea: I hate it. Ugh. It looks sort of tacky to me so I fix it when possible.

How long will you put off buying a beauty product, even if you need it.

Dani: Really depends on what it is. But maybe a few hours??
Shea: A week or until I see some dollas comin' my way.

What's your worst beauty habit?

Dani: Smearing my eyeliner. I give myself the "puppy dog" look and I end up smearing it.

Shea: Fussing with my hair. I HATE messy or unruly hair.

Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing.

Dani: Laundry. It's such a hassle, I can wash it, but putting it away is where I stop.

Shea: Being a grown-up. :p

When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready to the last minute?

Dani: I'm normally prepared by the time set for heading out.

Shea: I spend so much time primping, that I'm usually still doing finishing touches by the time I should've already left arrives.

Can you commit to spending bands?

Dani: .... maybe, but probably not.

Shea: Lol. Nope. I like shopping too much. If it's cheap enough and I want it, game over.

How organized is your makeup & nail collection?

Dani: My nail collection, not so much. My makeup collection is kinda organized? It's getting there though.

Shea: Nail polishes could be organized to appeal to the eye better rather than be throw in a mini-crate. Make-up collection is looking pretty sexy, though.

Who's next? WE TAG YOU! Let us know your procrastination habits and we can procrastinate together, lol