Lifestyle: Morning Routine for Winter

Another good  and natural way to start your morning. Once again I was surfing around on the Free People Blog and because it's "Winter" in Wisconsin (we haven't had snow for two weeks now and it's 50 degrees out)I thought this would be a good way to gently push our bodies
into the winter mode.

Wake up later than normal- It's cold and it's becoming tougher to wake up in the morning, but waking up later (make sure you're not late) can help your body recover and rejuvenate itself. (This one is my favorite...)

Tongue Scrape- Tongue scraping isn't something I normally do but I can definitely understand the reasoning. The yogis at the Free People Blog suggest tongue scraping in the morning due to the body expelling bacteria and toxins and leaves it in the mouth. Scraping your tongue helps keep your body from recycling them, in other words brush your teeth and use mouth wash!

Eat a nutritious breakfast- This is super important for any day. I'm terrible at this because I never eat in the morning. I'm one of those people that are unable to eat in the morning without getting an upset stomach. Needless to say something warm, savory and nutritious.

Sip on warm water- Warm water with a dash of ginger, cinnamon & clove increases the fire in your belly. Definitely sip on this during the day, and of course the additional spices can be skipped if you have inflammation issues.

Drink warm lemon water- If you need some type of flavoring in your water but don't break the bank, lemons are your natural flavor. Warm water, ginger paste, honey and lemon juice will gently  wake up your digestive system.

Slather on sesame oil- Sesame Oil isn't an oil that I would think of to put on my body, but Sesame Oil is a warming oil. Give yourself a mini massage in the morning to release those toxins and to wake yourself up.

Exercise on an empty stomach- Burn more calories on an empty stomach, build heat in the body may it be pilates, yoga or for something less intense just a total body stretching. Open the chest and throat to remove congestion and to wake up those sleepy muscles.

The crew at the free people suggest avoiding these things to keep that fire burning in your bell through out thr winter:
---- > Cold Drinks
---- > Fasting
---- > Late Nights
---- > Napping (totally guilty...)
---- > Exposure to drafts and cold winds

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