Lifestyle: Victoria Beckham- That extra half an inch

Speaking of Victoria Beckham from my last post ( Updated Reading List) I have dove into the fashion related books again. Victoria Beckham is essentially my fashion life blood. Ever since watching her transform from Posh Spice, back in the 90s and into the classy mother of four and wife to the sexiest man alive. I'm channeling her sense of style into myself.

Ahem. My feels got to me.

I had to pick up her book That extra half inch, Here's my review:

There is so much information on fashion in this book, it took me a while to read the entire thing. There are so many tips on fashion ranging from high-end fashion to every day.

In short here's a breakdown of her style: 

Simplistic, understanding of shape, silhouette, the hat, the sunglasses, the bag and shoes. Everything matters to her

Going back to the book, it's t's crazy at how detailed she goes. I love it, and there's so much of it too!!

Let's get down to some of the take-aways from  That extra half an inch:

-Know your limitations:
-Suit your own style
-Inspriation can come from anywhere
-Put your own take on clothing
-Check the functionalbility of every accessories, espcially purses
-Need an opinnion about your outfit? Go to someone you trust.
Listen to your inner voice

Here are some quotes that speaks good advice:

"Be mindful of that rule that if you get your boobs out, put your legs away and vice versa. You will look better and feel more confident and more comfortable"

"When you're getting dressed first thing in the morning, the trick is not to pull out just any old garments and pile them on without thinking about it."

"To shop cleverly mean buying the simple basics from the high sreet and maybe spending a little more on tailored pieces where the cut really does matter"

After reading Victoria's book I understood more of her fashion sense instead of just looking at it through her fashion line. I already knew that basics is where to start and then add accessories/my style to them. In addition to the basics she also made point to focus on the cut of the clothing, the sizing, and also the silhouette.

Recommended: Yes! Valueable fashion, lifestyle advice in this book. I do have to say it is a lenghty book, but definitely worth every piece/chapter in the book.

Speaking of quality here's a post about quality vs quantity via here (Q vs Q )

Buy the book here:
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