Review: Intro & Review of Coast to Coast Skincare

On another spur of the moment purchase aka it was on clearance and I had my eye on it for a while. I picked up one product from Coast to Coast and fell in love. I'm kinda kicking myself for not picking it up sooner. Let me introduce you to a new brand and a review of the two products I picked up.

Having never heard of Coast to Coast, of course I did research on the brand, not only did I fall in love with the products but the brand as well. Coast to Coast is an Australian skincare brand with unique ingredients and organic ingredients from Australia.

Ingredients such as Tasmanian Sea Kelp, Lilly Pilly and Kakadu Plum, these are just some of the ingredients that are in are the three different  skincare products.

  Speaking about products each of the skincare products target a certain type of skintypes such as dry (Outback), Oily-Combo (Rainforest), Normal/sensitive (coastal), I picked up two items from the  Rainforest collection due to my oily combo skin.

But here's a bit more about Coast to Coast:

Coast to Coast's ideology:
"Whether you’re lying in the sun on the coast, contemplating the open air in the outback, or listening to the waters of the rainforest; there is nothing quite like the calm & quiet of nature.
It speaks a thousand words.
Bilberries, Pepperberries, & Wild Rosella. Lilly Pilly, Marshmallow & Forest Peppermint.
Ingredients that are as playful as you, sourced from our Australian homeland.
No artificial colours or fragrances. No animal testing or synthetic chemicals.
Just natural ingredients that create pure products.
Simplicity that lets your natural beauty tell a story."

"We understand the intelligence of nature, that’s why we’ve sourced powerful botanic
ingredients from three distinct Australian locations: Coastal, Rainforest & Outback.
Each unique ingredient offers natural healing properties for various skin types.
Tasmanian Sea Kelp & Wild Rosella lead our Coastal Collection, containing skin-soothing nutrients to protect, calm, & hydrate the skin. Suited to normal, dry or sensitive skin types.
Anti-inflammatory Rosalina & skin-rejuvenating Lilly Pilly power our Rainforest
Collection, with antiseptic qualities to help rejuvenate, repair, & soothe the skin.
For oily, combination or blemish-prone skin types.
Antioxidant super fruits Kakadu Plum & Desert Quandong charge our Outback
Collection, with high concentrations of Vitamin C & proteins to help moisturize, energize
& brighten skin tones. Ideal for dehydrated, dull or uneven skin types."

Here's the breakdown of Coast to Coast skincare product lines:
Photo from Coast to Coast official website

The brand itself is simple, and gives me a minimalist feel, because of that I couldn't resist. Here's what I picked up.

The two items I picked up are from the Rainforest collection-Oily/combination skin.
Pore Purifying Aqua Serum & Deep Pore Purifying Polish

Here's What They Say:

Pore Purifying Aqua SerumEnriched with Lilly Pilly, Tea-Tree, Lavender & Eucalyptus, this pore purifying facial essence refines & balances oily & combination skin types. Oil absorbers effectively control sebum flow to help prevent the onset of blemishes, while Vitamin E & Sodium Hyaluronate  hydrate dry zones to maintain the skin’s delicate moisture balance. Used under a moisturizer or mixed in with your day or night cream, this facial essence is designed as a skin booster that allows you to customize your skincare for a radiant, oil-free complexion.

Deep Pore Purifying PolishBalance & refresh oily or combination skin with this invigorating deep pore foaming face polish. The antiseptic qualities of Lilly Pilly & Rosalina, together with Australian Oatmeal, help draw out excess oil from the skin to deliver a smoother, clearer & fresher complexion. It’s like a skin wake up call as pores appear to shrink away for a flawless appearance.

Danielle's Review:
Name: Coast to Coast Pore Purifying Aqua Serum
Type: Limited Cosmetics/Beauty stores
Price: $4.99 + tax
Scent: Definitely has a Eucalyptus and tea tree scent, not so much lavender.
Results: Pores are smaller(??!!), smoother complexion
Overview: I am in love with this product. It controls my oil on my face and a bonus, it shrinks my pores. I was a little skeptical of the product due to how inexpensive it was at ULTA. I'm glad I picked it up, because it does wonders for my skin before I put makeup on. After washing my face I put this on first and then my moisturizer, I swear my face looks flawless before I put makeup on see pictures below.

Recommended: YES! For those who live in Milwaukee, go to the ULTA at Bayshore. Unfortunately, those who don't live in Milwaukee or the US will have to purchase online.

Danielle's Review:
Name: Coast to Coast Deep Pore Purifying Polish
Type: Limited Cosmetics/Beauty Stores
Price: $8.99 + tax
Scent: There isn't a strong scent, but I smell something...
Results: Smooth skin
Overview: This was a spur of the moment buy, but definitely worth it. Some exfoliators are too tough on skin, this product works like a scrub/exfoliator but is super gentle. As I was massaging the product into my skin the grains  seemed to melt away. It left my skin feeling refreshed and supple, it felt like it just pulled out everything from my pores. It's like a mini detox, especially for those days where I'm too lazy.

Recommended: Yes! It is gentler than other exfoliators or scrubs that I have used and the antiseptic properties is a plus for those who are prone to breakouts.

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