Review: Makeup Revolution Ultra Eyeshadow

For the past two weeks or so I've been using my Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow palette, even though I said to LeShea that I'd use this for travel purposes only. Well, I couldn't wait that long so I finally broke it out from my travel makeup bag.

With Makeup Revolution being a super new brand and has killer packing I had to do some research on it.

"Makeup Revolution launched in London in March 2014 delivering revolutionary performance and quality, in every product at revolutionary prices. Made with the finest ingredients, the range starts at an amazing £1.00, with a range of professional and must have products with limited edition collections – you can finally afford them all!
revolution in offering a comprehensive range of foundation and face products for all skin tones – from fair to dark, from yellow to pink tone – every shade has been covered, there is a shade and formulation for everyone at a price everyone can afford." - Makeup Revolution Official website.

It appeared in (my) local Ulta's in late August, early October... and can I just be frank and say that the prices are inexpensive.

SO. INEXPENSIVE. Like if I had money to spend, I'd buy so much stuff I'd be overstocked, I wouldn't know what to do with all of it.

Ranging from light to dark shades the palette I picked up called, Affirmation.

Speaking about Affirmation, here's the deats on the Affirmation palette:

"All the confidence you need is right here: life-affirming shades neutrals, roses, coppers, plums, and charcoals to guide you on the never-ending journey of following your dreams."

Btw, there are 32 different colors, um yeah! 32 DIFFERENT COLORS...

Ahem... Here's my review:

Danielle's Review

Name: Makeup Revolution Affirmation 
Type: Limited Beauty Store
Price: $10.00 + tax ( I paid $8.00)
Results: Smooth application, vibrant and lasting color
Overview: The vibrant and lasting color is the best thing ever. I was a bit hesitant due to the price, but it's one of my greatest buys in a while. Although the eyeshadow discs are small, the vibrancy of the colors makes up for it. The palette itself has a good range of everyday neutral colors, to the deep purples and metallic colors.

Recommended: Definitely! It's inexpensive, and a good traveling palette!