Sunday: Updates #26

Photo Credits: Anne Spratt

Now that some of the holiday shopping is some-what over until around X'mas comes around. LeShea and I have dipped our hands some of the deals listed, LeShea more so than myself. Last week there was snow and now there's no weather we have here right?

Lately, I've been looking at all of the things I own (copious amounts of eyeshadow, random accessories, to random little knick knacks) I've been wondering what to do with them or even how I got them. I mentioned before I was cleaning out my closet and selling things via Poshmark, which is a handy app on phones or tablets that lets you buy second-hand items, may it be a luxury brand or as simple as Charlotte Russe.

Check me(Dani) via @akinishi It's pretty convenient, Lots of nice stuff on there too...just gotta make sure I don't buy anything...We'll see how that goes...

Here's what's up with Dani & Shea:
--->Stuff and lots of stuff, we're in the process of sorting out all the stuff we managed to collect and give reviews on them. Keep your eyes peeled.

---> Like mentioned above, Wisconsin had snow, but now we're snowless, cold, and a bit gloomy...but the silence is amazing...

--->LeShea got a new car! :D (Beep beep, vroom vroom!)

---> Look for a few fashion photos from LeShea soon! She collabed with a local photographer for some East Side shots!

---> New Equipment, ideas, and motivation, we're planning on rebooting our Youtube & Facebook page!

** New** Quote for Monday: **New**

I like quotes, they're a good reminder of what you're aiming for or giving you that extra boost of energy or confidence when you need it. Because I know that Mondays are tough for some people, hell it's tough for me to get out of bed, but I want to give you all an extra boost or a positive mindset for Monday via a quote!

Get up every morning and remind yourself "I can do This"- Unknown