Sunday: Updates# 28

Photo Credits: Ales Krivec; Edited: Dani

As the year end approaches and the stress of holiday shopping increases, Shea and I have kinda taken a slower approach to things in life and really thinking about choices that we've made during this year. Of course everyone has their new year's goals but usually ends up forgetting them, speaking of goals earlier this year Shea and I made goals for ourselves and for Danielle LeShea.

As one of watchers od D&L we've managed to complete some of those goals, while some of those slipped off our desks. With that said we plan on making more manageable, and achievable goals for the blog but also to improve ourselves as blog owners as well.

In the meantime catch up with Dani & Shea:

---> No snow? Below freezing to 60 degree weather? Well ok Wisconsin.

---> Gift exchanging + Wine = A small get together

---> A youtube duo of TheLineUp made a super cute holiday lookbook , check it out here

---> Dani has been obsessed with perfumes specifically D&G Light Blue to DIOR's J'adore. Any scents you've been obsessed with?

---> A lot of our friends are graduating this month. Major congrats! Also here's a reminder on adulting skills via Levo League

Quote for Monday
"Don't create limitations for yourself"- Unknown