Sunday: Updates# 27

Photo: Grzegroz Mleczek

Being sick is not the greatest, especially when you add stress to that equation it's ridiculous. I keep reminding myself and a "subtle" hint to make sure you're not stressing to the point where your hair starts to fall out. On a happier note, the holidays are in full gear!

I'm so excited! I love this season as well...the decorations, the scents, the warmth and happiness it people's faces, etc! I love all of it! Let me calm down before I hack up a lung.

Here's what's going on with Dani & Shea:

- Offended from something your read/saw on the internet? Check out this post on Illogical complaints on the internet here

-Still no snow in Wisconsin...It's actually 50 degrees Fahrenheit...

-Shea and I have been kinda obsessed with the color "Mustard" Check out a few coordinates via Fashion: Mustard& Gold

-Since it's the Holidays, can you say parties? This is right up LeShea's alley! Check out TheLineUp's Holiday lookbook here: Holiday LookBook

Quote for Monday
Don't be the same, Be better. - Unknown